Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Crackers

How lucky am I here are some photos of the 2 beautiful Christmas Crackers I received in the swap. Velvets, satins, lace, beads and beautiful threads
Thank you so much Juli I just love it all and plan to do something very special for my bedroom with all the gorgeous bits and pieces.

 More of the beautiful pieces from Juli. There is a tiny little bee in the zip bag I am going to make sure she does not fly away.

Beads, threads and buttons and the prettiest little fairy silky this is just wonderful.

Here is the cracker from Suzie. So many things to play with I think I can see mermaids and fishes and all sorts of sea things trying to get out here.
 I can just see the seaweed and shells, sand and fishes and there are definitely mermaids.
There is even some foam of the surf. I am going to have a great time trying to encourage all these special things to come out and play with me.
Thank you so much to both my special swap friends. I hope the ladies I sent crackers to enjoyed theirs as much as I am enjoying mine.

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