Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amy's Block FFT#14

At last I am doing as I promised that is showing not only my stitching but where the ideas came from.
This is a very special block for Amy so I felt I needed to do something special. Once I started stitching it was a very hard block to put down I could have filled every space but I knew Sarma and Sue would like me to leave them somewhere to do their stitching. The Sturt's desert pea never got on the block it just did not seem to fit in anywhere but if you like Amy I will do you a little piece with one on it.
So here is my stitching the vine is stem stitch, detached chain, colonial knots (I like them better than the bullion knots for this sort of thing LOL ;-D) and bullion roses. The little beetle is bullion stitch, pistil stitch and once again my favourite colonial knots. The seam is double detached chain pistil stitch colonial knots and a mixture of herringbone and chevron stitch I forget what it is called.
And here is Amy's beautiful block so far. I am so glad i got to add my little bit to it.