Sunday, March 2, 2014

More About Hexies

More About Hexies

I am sure I have "Borrowers" in my house. How can you possible lose an embroidery mounted on a frame in the only room of the house you sew in. Well that is what has happened to the Garden hexie it has disappeared. I have looked high an low for it but it has gone. 
I decided I would work on the other 2 hexies for February before I finished the Garden.
I already showed the Silk Ribbon work sohere is the bullion stitch one

I am not to disappointed in how it turned out. I used colonial knots in the centre of the bullion flowers and the tiny pearls are from my stash.
I am sure at some stage I will either find my Garden or start another they reckon 3 times is the charm. 

Meanwhile I have finished the first of the March lessons. This one is magic I have never used this method before and it is hard to believe the Rose is done in only one colour thread. The secret is the number of plys used and whether you use half or full cross stitches.

I just love this I think it turned out great. I chose to do a yellow rose as that is my favourite colour and I am so glad I did.


  1. Love the rose and the bullions. Hey, maybe the stitch fairies took the garden...and it will come back home completed! Hugs, Kathy