Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hello everyone I am back again. I have been very lazy with my blog for nearly a year. I have all these good intentions but never seem to do it. 
I hope you enjoy this little bag it was made for a challenge by Stitchmap. The challenge was the bag and because we are an embroidery group a necessary element was the embroidery.
The embroidery is a Brazilian embroidery I designed for a class I am going to teach next term. I can certainly not claim the stitches as mine the come from a number of different sources and are interpreted by me. The layout of the design though is all mine.
The little button is a Dorset button that I will probably change for an embroidered one; but as I had the Dorset made I used it. An excellent site to see how to make these pretty buttons is here

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  1. Wow! that is a very Cute bag.. You have a great talent! I see that you like sharing your talent.. How have you received other people's talents in your life? What is it that pushes people to share their talent?