Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Christmas Swap Block Finished

Here is the first of my Christmas Swap Blocks. By using the BAS stitches I was not so lost with what to do next. I had great fun creating this block but felt a little restrained because I decided not to use any beads or charms because the block looked to me as if it could be used as part of the Christmas table setting in future and the beads and other embellishments would not suit the future use. Any how here is the first block with some closeups of the individual stitches.
This is the woven cross stitch, detached chain, pistil stitch, backstitch and reverse buttonhole

Another spider and web I love doing these.

A little try at ribbon embroidery it was supposed to be a white poinsettia but looks to me more like a Christmas rose. The leaves are closed cretan stitch and the little dots are colonial knots in gold thread.
The little apricot stitches are picot buttonhole a really pretty stitch and very easy.

And last but not least is the scalloped chain but I over sewed it with the loop stitch that is used in Peking stitch. The flowers in the center are buttonhole eyelet flowers.
I will get started on the next block now although I could keep on playing with this one because there are still some blank spaces.


  1. Very pretty stitching. It's really interesting the way you have layered the stitches.

  2. Very pretty! Some days I'm hopeless, I have not been able to get the woven star to look like this. Must be my thread choice (at least partly). Great job!!

  3. Hope I am your partner!! Love the blocks...
    Linda NM