Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More Hexies - The Knot Garden

I have been working on my Knot Garden again. Now I have at least finished one Hexie I can get back to the Garden. I was having a terrible time with the original stitching not because I cannot do the stitches but because I could not see the outline  of the design. 2 lessons learnt here.

1. Be more careful when you are transferring the design do not go at it like a bull at a gate. Make sure all the lines are transferred and you can see them properly. My ole eyes are not what they used to be.
2. Read all thinstructions before doing anything!!!

I started with the Palestrina stitch and as you can see in the picture below it is terrible.
It is lumpy and bumpy and not at all attractive. I then decided to ink over the pathways, seemed like a good idea at the time and maybe it will work at a later time when I am prepared to remove all the stitching incorrectly started. The flower beds are not supposed to be Colonial knots and as I said before the Palestrina knots are revolting.

Enter Kathy Shaw's blog and her notes about the garden. At last it makes sense to me I can see the shapes happening.

So I ditched the original and started at the beginning. Here is where I am at now.

Nice neat Palestrina, though I must admit I used 2 strands of floss not just one to get the look I wanted. The pathways are starting to come together. I think this is going to be a WIP for a couple of weeks as I can only sit for so long but I think this is going to work.


  1. BRAVO! I agree that the second looks so much better, your palestrina knots are so perfect...surely put mine to shame! Makes me want to be better at that...thanks for the inspiration! Glad to see that you didn't give up, but just went at it again. Great determination! This year's HEX are about learning something new...so we all will be challenged...and we all will sometimes want to throw in the towel. Thanks for being such a great example!

  2. It looks lovely! It is fun to see the difference between 1 strand on Kathy's block and 2 strands on yours. These will be gorgeous when they are done!