Monday, February 3, 2014

Well I have just finished my first hexie for the Stitchmap Hex Labs. I started doing the knotted garden pattern but after doing more frog stitch than colonial knots I decided I must at least finish one project for the month then I can continue on the garden.

This is the front. I did not have the correct silk ribbon for the swirly rose so I used a finer ribbon and made groups of roses. The woven roses have a yellow bead tucked into the centre and the group of 5 roses have stamens made of purple bugle beads and yellow seed beads. The little 3 bead elements are just pearlised seed beads.   
Outlining frame is Palestrina knots in variegated mauve Perl 8 thread to match the silk ribbon flowers. 

On the back of the hexie I covered the show through stitches from the Palestrina stitch with a plain chain stitch using the same thread as the front. I may go back later and whip the chain but we shall have to see.
Back to stitching the garden maybe my brain has worked it out now. I love doing Colonial knots but I am having trouble defining the paths of the Celtic Knot. I must admit I am no fan of Celtic Knots so this may be the problem but I am not going to be beaten by a pretty piece of stitching.

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  1. The hex looks wonderful, I like the additions you have made to the basic design. I too am a fan of 'using what we have' and also liked that you did that.

    I'm also working on the knot garden. I'll write a post of where I'm at in it...and it might help you too. Check it out tomorrow at