Monday, January 10, 2011

12 Months of Victorian Symbology

I was going to enter the purse contest in Crazy Quilting International but then decided the 12 Months of Victorian Symbols would be fun also. I am making an effort this year not to put too much on my plate both physically and metaphorically so I decided I had to do one or the other. I have already made the naked purse sides so that will be my Victoriana project and I will either keep it for myself or gift it to someone special.
Throughout the year I will post my progress.
The first thing I have to do now is prepare and stitch all the seams and decide where challenge one has to go on the blocks. The first photo is side one and the second photo is side two.
The idea for the shape came from a machine embroidery pattern I purchased some time ago, I can't remember where.

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