Friday, January 7, 2011

Making Paper Fabric

What fun I have had this afternoon. The Art4Mail group had a play day and made paper fabric. I had to go out so could not play with the other kids but when I got home I had the best time.
I used calico (muslin) as the base and craft glue mixed with water to stick it all down.

I used some pink, yellow, black,silver and gold tossue and then used some party napkins to the mix, My husband thinks I have reverted to childhood but I was never allowed to make these kind of messes in the kitchen when I was small.
I also used some thread offcuts from my embroidery machine and a piece of glittery knitting thread.
I can't wait till this all dries so I can play on my sewing machine with some fancy threads and stitching.
I will post some more photos as I progress.

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