Thursday, January 6, 2011

I did it

Here I am yesterday sitting in the mess on my desk. It is a wonder I could find anything but as you all probably know now it is tidy it will take me ages to find where I have hidden everything. I must admit it is a sense of achievement to know it is done.
I even planted some of those fern dust thingies to see if I could grow more. I must just love mess LOL ;-}.
Here are some before and after shots of my achievement.

How can I be this sort of a grub but it just builds up .
 All tidy you can see the surface of the desk.
Here is the Tree Fern outside the window. We are on the second story of the house so that gives you and idea of the size of this tree. It is beautiful and the spores are only there about one week a year so I suppose I can get over it.

Here are the spores they are on my alpha file. Just as well I  and the family are not allergic to them or there would be big trouble as it is they just make the place look even dirtier than what it is.

another view of my pristine workspace. How good am I!!!! LOL!!

And here I am looking well pleased with myself. It is all very well to tidy things up but how long will this last this is the challenge for me. I am good a cleaning up messes but keeping things tidy is another thing.


  1. Merle, Your desk and you look so well organized. I've been following some of the clean up challenge on a few blogs. As a tip I practice myself since I organized a few months ago, I am sure to pick up and put things where they belong (absolutely everything I've gotten out during the day) before I go to bed. Even if I have to pull it out again the next day, I find doing that prevents the build-up and saves so much extra time for stitching. I think it works because there's always something or several somethings that I don't need lying around. Since everything already has a place, it's surprising how fast it goes back.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement Maureen now if I can just learn to put away as I go instead of leaving everything out until I have "finished"....